Hardware (Equipment)


ARIS Pacific is a well-known full service dealer, which provides specialized and personalized services

for the printing industry.

The services include the supply of new and re-marketed equipment from cradle to fulfillment. Some of the basis of coverage from us to the customer includes sourcing for the best possible machine the market has to offer, background checks on the machines and owners and also on-site inspection of the machines.

ARIS will take care of any special requests and negotiate for the best prices. We also work with the most established forwarders to provide custom clearance and the shipment of equipment from the source to the point of installation. Upon arrival, we will provide supervision on installation, commissioning and training. We also provide a guaranteed technical recourse on missing and damaged items. The purchase is secured and our clients are assured of receiving the items, which were inspected without any switches on route to the destination.

Finally ARIS will provide liaison with intermediaries such as financial institutions and co-ordination on all matters relating to the final good operation and production of the subject machine.