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The PIT STOP 36 is the new automatic perforating & creasing machine with a working width of 36 cm maintaining all the characteristics of reliability and accuracy any typical machine produced by the Bacciottini Group. The standard paper size is 36 x 65 cm, with an optional extension table for sizes up to 36 x 85 cm.


Designed specifically for print on demand and digital printing, the machine is equipped with a creasing kit using adhesive matrix, the suction feed is a continuous non-stop feeder using a rubber suction drum which ensures no marking and perfect performance on a wide variety of stocks. Equipped with a user friendly seven inch colour touch screen display for quick, easy set up of all creasing & perforating operations. The machine is mounted on wheels for easy movement inside a print shop and helps to maximise space in confined areas. An LCD panel tadalafil 5 ml version available on request.


fm highspeed 0


The new FM HIGH SPEED is the highest performing Pit Stop to date, with a maximum production speed up to 14,000 http://www.cialisgeneriquefr24.com/cialis-generique-ou-original/ sheets per hour. This performance is possible thanks to the new "DIRECT DRIVE" system, patented by the Bacciottini Group. A user friendly seven inch colour touch screen control panel is provided. Simple setting functions allows up to 100 creases/perforations per sheet and 200 job memory for easy and recall.


Creasing, perforating and punching tools can be easily interchanged in less than 30 seconds. The top loading suction feeder has a stainless steel base and a rubber coated drum for consistent, reliable high speed feeding without damage or marking. Equipped with a standard creasing tool, has two creasing width options. A digital creasing tool is available for all offset and digital stock up to 600 gsm. A range of perforating tools are also available right down to a micro perforation which gives an almost invisible ridgeless perforation perfect for a laser printer. A range of punching tools are manufactured by Bacciottini Group for the FM High Speed for wiro binding and calendar punching including a "thumb cut" tool and two or four hole drill punching. A built in chute for the collection of the waste chips of paper from the cutting tools enables non stop production.


Size Min/Max: cm 8x10 / cm 50x70 (with extention feeder cm 50x100)
Min. distance scoring: mm 0,1
Production in A4: A4 with 1 crease 14,000 sheets per hour
Power supply: 400 Volts three phase + neutro 50 Hz
Power requirement: 3,5 Kw
Net weight: 263 Kg
Size: 168x90x121 cm
Programs: 200 programs with 100 creasings or perforating
Sheet Weight: 80 to 600 g.s.m
Optionals: Punching KIT; Digital Creasing KIT; Perforating KIT 2/1 - 3/1 - 4/1 - Micro perf.