Software (Applications)


ARIS Pacific provides software solutions, which run the full gamut of requirements in the print industry.

At the heart of our software solutions is an eCommerce application, a platform which has been integrated with other systems including SAP and Oracle. This application is developed and installed by our team to customise solutions to automate ordering of print, spare parts and consumables,

It covers multiple web-to-print storefronts with online editing capability, which allows for an immediate preview before the system sends print ready hi-res files to the printers for production. Another function of this system is the ability to support variable data printing. This lends itself well in the production of direct mailers and other related activities.

The online catalogs and shopping carts enable regional order processing and fulfilment process which integrates with payments systems such as PayPal and other ERP enabled back-end systems. It also allows for the management of co-marketing dollars and spending limits so it can be used in multi-channel distribution systems.

Stand-alone software applications for the print industry like this are fully optimized only when they are part of a suite of products and services which leverage off one another. ARIS combines, analog, digital and IT disciplines in a seamless solution to bring the solutions to life for the customers we work with.

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