Print Cost Estimator



Print Cost Estimator

The print cost estimator was developed to automatically work out the most cost effective method of production within the specific print shop. It can produce quotation in seconds by based on the print specifications will select the best printing process and finishing for the job.

As impositions are an important aspect of the costing process, it will work out from an outline specification the most cost effective method of production, completing an entire estimate in seconds.

The presses in-house are selected or set up within the cost estimator

  • Cost Estimation for print
    • Pre-press (artwork, printing plates etc)
    • Print (Off-set, digital, others)
    • Post-press also called finishing (binding, special processes such as UV coatings, folding, embossing etc)
  • Cost Estimation for other considerations
    • Kitting and other hand work
      • Bills of Materials
      • Letter Shopping
    • 3rd Party items
    • Logistics and Transportation
    • Other special considerations